Unsuccessful Blueberry Muffins


Okay so I lost the photos for the chocolate chip muffins I made which means that I will just have to make them again. No complaints over here about that. I apologize for the long time between posts. I am going to try to be more regular now that everything is settled.

Here are the photos from the horrendous blueberry muffins. They look so delicious but tasted awful. I will usually have the recipe I used along with a nutrient analysis of the food. I did not think it was necessary this time around since no one should ever recreate these. Even though they came out bad, I did learn some things.

What I learned from BM baking:

  • Do not use more fruit than the recipe calls for. There is a reason it is limited. I had to learn this the hard way. Blueberries are super tart-y and add a lot of extra water so the muffins were mushy.
  • Baking from scratch is not as easy as I expected, wow. I have been spoiled with box cake mixes my whole life. Sorry friends, all those yummy treats were totally box made but that can be our secret.
  • Use the foil liners when baking low calorie, low fat, low anything treats. It helps because there is not a lot of fat in the item so it tends to stick to the paper liners. By the time I tried to get the muffin out of the paper, there was 1/3 left. Maybe that was a sign to not eat it.
  • Faux sugar is not always the best. It is hard to pick with the artificial sweeteners but let me tell you, Truvia was not my friend.
  • Clearly need to keep up the work on my MRS degree. May be a few more years until I earn it…
Just the ingredients I used.
Wish I would have known what was about to happen at this point.
Tricky little guy. Looks so pretty…



Hi. Enjoy the ride.

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