SUCKulent transPLANT.

First off: I’M BAAAAACK!!! Miss me? I am finally getting into a schedule of regular posting so get hype!

Now for my post: I have been looking for some sort of living organism to have in my room for about a year now. I love fresh flowers but they die so quickly and start to smell terrible if you do not clean out the water religiously. I do not have room for a large plant/tree. I wanted something with color but not too much. I needed something small and easy to take care of. Oh, and I think I have whatever is equivalent to the opposite of a “green thumb.” (red thumb? death thumb? killer thumb? don’t-touch-plants thumb?)

Meanwhile, I have been seeing succulents all over my favorite blogs for the past year. They are so gorgeous with their muted tones and in pretty planters. My nana always had them outside her house but she called them “hens and chicks.” She would have these giant planters with little outlets on the sides filled with all different ones. They never seemed to die and loved the sun.

Naturally I put two and two together – easy to manage, small, bit of color = SUCCULENTS for my room!

The thing about me is that once I get the urge to do something, I HAVE TO DO IT RIGHT THEN AND THERE. It’s a terrible trait/character flaw – whatever you want to call it. I got really excited and started to gather everything I needed for a fun saturDIY (my new favorite play on words). I spent wayyyyy too much time at English Gardens picking out the ones I liked and spent more money than I would like to admit on them. I bought a plethora of different objects (Moscow mule mug, cement planter, geometric planter, candle holders, salt holder, dip bowls) and special cactus soil to make sure these bad boys survived. I got home and painted the planters and started at planting. It was relatively easy but rather messy. It was pouring rain so I was trying to do it all in my garage without making a giant mess. I finished and was so proud of myself. I took photos on Snapchat throughout the process but as you know, those are long gone now.

Here are what they looked like when I finished them:

Succulents Top Succulents Front

I don’t mean to toot my own horn but how gorgeous do these look? I painted all the planters and matched up the plants. I kept it clean and chic with gold and white. They do not need a lot of watering since they are a type of cacti and hold water in their leaves from what I read. That being said, I did not water them because the soil was moist.

Fast forward to two weeks later. I went away on vacay and come home to find this last week:


WHAT THE EFF?! These things are supposed to be desert plants and yet they die from not being watered for two weeks? You have got to be kidding me. I thought someone sabotaged my plants. I could not accept that they died on their own. I think I was more upset that by looking at this all I could see was money down the drain.

I moaned to anyone who would listen because this was obviously a life threatening matter. I moaned so much that my dad actually started to notice succulents at stores. He ended up texting me photos of different ones to get so I could pick out my favorite. The ones he found were large ones that would fill up the whole inside of the above planter. I may be biased but I totally got the prettiest one. (thanks dad!)

Big SucculentAm I right or am I right? Now it was time to transPLANT this big boy. (I am killing it with these play on words.)

I wanted to put the big guy into the white geometric planter (by Wit & Delight) and the three survivors (cheers to them for making it a whole two weeks!) into a copper mug I had wanted to use the first round but ran out of plants. Below is the before:


How hard could it be? Other than running into a spider (I mean, I was outside so it’s no surprise that he was hanging out but like come on – he has the whole yard to hang but he had to be in the area I designated as mine), it was a very smooth transPLANT. The three little ones filled out the mug perfectly and the big one made my geometric planter look gorgeous! I watered the plants since apparently they do need to be watered and left them in medium sunlight because that’s what the bag of soil said to do – well it said no sunlight or something but I do not trust that so I just did medium. Hopefully round two goes a lot smoother than round one and we have no fatalities.

Finished SucculentsThey look good, ay? Let’s all just cross our fingers that I do not have to do a third planting session with them.



Hi. Enjoy the ride.

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