Stamped Bar Necklace… YASSS

Do you ever see things and immediately think “I NEED THAT NOW!“? Oh good, me too! TargetDoesItAgain posted on Instagram about a DIY bar necklace kit by Brit + Co and I knew I needed it.

I checked online which Target near me had it in stock because let’s be real, I wasn’t about to waste my time Target hopping…even tho on an average day that would be paradise. So off I went to purchase it and quickly bring it home to start my DIYing. It comes with everything you need aside from scissors to cut the tape. There are two bars and two chains so it can be a BFF thing. Naturally, I got my BFF, AKA my sister, to get just as excited about this. She’s not so into doing the DIY thing but she’s all about the end results meaning I usually end up doing it for her. We thought names were too lame so we decided sayings were the way to go. She called dibs on SLAY so I went with YASSS. I was on the fence because BOY BYE sounded perfect too.

I got everything laid out and went to town. It provided a practice piece of metal to get used to hammering and spacing. I tested HI first and it went well. The one thing was I started on a glass patio table and quickly realized that was a terrible idea. I moved my station to the cement steps nearby. Once I felt I was done practicing, I moved on to the real deal. I wanted it to be aligned to the right so I started with S and worked my way backwards. My S was not aligned correctly so it added a littttle bit of stress. I did the three S’s, A, and Y. How come I always freak out when it comes to the permanent and final try?? My 3rd S fell out of alignment but you’ll see that later. I followed the instructions and connected it to the chain, which was so easy! This whole process took my about 15 minutes from start to finish. I’d say that’s a win!

Here’s the thing, it’s my first time doing it so even though it’s not level and poorly done, I LOVE IT. There’s just something so perfect about handmade items that lets you overlook the imperfections.

Alright, I gotta go because I am now addicted and currently buying more bars and chains to make a slew of necklaces and bracelets. Looks like I found a new DIY to be obsessed over…

kit in boxout of box kit      items hi testpre stampingfinished on the blockup close yasssyasss






Hi. Enjoy the ride.

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